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Friday, November 21, 2008

Choosing Wedding Cakes

When choosing your cake it naturally occurs to brides to think flowers, colours, patterns and before long they are creating the dream cake-without first reminding themselves
that its ultimately destined to be eaten by their reception guests!

I encourage my brides and grooms to first think what their guest list consists of in terms of population cross section;
Older folk do prefer fruit cake in general, whilst younger people seem to go more for sponge. The point being, the choice here dictates the size of the cake; you need roughly twice the sponge to fruit. It also affects which basic design you will have available, as many designers of wedding cakes, myself included, have reservations about stacking sponge cakes.

These issues include the suitability of sponge to 'carry' a cake above as required in the stack design, and the question of freshness; ideally when icing a cake a good designer will have in mind a number of days which they will want the cake iced before adding final touch decorations, and with sponge this is critical to the cakes freshness. When stacking we like to have the icing a little harder as this compensates for the problems of accessibility given by stacking.

Feel free to ask any questions about this or other matters relating to your wedding cakes at my web site 'Wedding cakes by Franziska'.

Happy wedding!



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1 Comment:

Maddy said...

Ooo that is delightful. I find Madeira cakes are good for stacking although I usually add dowels to be on the safe side.
BEst wishes

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